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One of the biggest challenges you face as a human being is knowing when your cycles are about to change.

How different would your world be if you knew in advance what cycles were coming up next?

How great would it be to know when to take maximum advantage of the positive energies that are coming up!

How reassuring would it be to know when your challenges are likely to pass?

Would you like to know the best times to start projects?

Learn how to manage your personal challenges  – and better still know when they will end!

Just as we know the Earth moves in seasons, you too have your personal seasons. Astrology reveals which season you are in. A session with Andrew will reveal exactly where you are. Amongst many other things, you will learn when and how to harness your strengths!

Combining the science of planetary motion with the art of interpretation, Andrew provides fascinating insights into your personality and the cycles that influence your life. With over 36 years of experience in the study of astrology, Andrew consults to highly satisfied clients around the world including many ‘A’ List celebrities, movie and TV stars, CEOs of Multinational Corporations and a NY Times Best Selling author!  

These people are from places as far as Australia and New Zealand, The Far East, North America as well as all around Europe.

You would be surprised if you knew how many super successful people use Andrew’s services

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Give him only three pieces of information–time, place, and date of birth– and Andrew is able to provide you with a full character analysis and highlight forthcoming trends and opportunities as well as identify past cycles.

Combining the science of planetary motion with the art of interpretation, Andrew provides fascinating insights into your personality and the cycles that influence your life.

Astrology and astronomy were seen as one and the same by great philosophers and leaders through the ages. Great men such as Sir Isaac Newton, Kepler, Galileo, Francis Bacon and Leonardo Da Vinci, to name a few, used this science. If it was all a “load of rubbish” then why would such legendary figures have used the science? Many astrologers can be fatalistic, but this is not the view that Andrew has after 36 years of study in the field. He is firmly of the belief that free will and self direction together with the effective dynamic use of a horoscope can bring out the very best in a person.

Consider the following analogy…. If your task is to cross a minefield, then would you rather do this with a map showing where dangers lie or without one? Clearly a map would be preferable. With a map you have knowledge which is empowering! Yet even with this useful tool you have free will as you don’t necessarily have to use it! In the same way, your birth chart or horoscope is a map of your life showing where the opportunities and challenges lie.

Having spent 18 months with one of the world’s greatest peak performance coaches and combining this with over 30 years of instructing in industry at the highest levels, Andrew uses may different techniques to empower his clients on the way to reaching their goals and dreams.

All this is done using a horoscope created using only three pieces of information – time, place and date of birth.

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Romantic and business compatibility consultations are also available. Contact us for details.

Financial Markets Andrew leads a team of analysts reseraching and employing cycles in Stock and Commodity markets on a corporate institutional basis. This information is also available for investors and traders.  Find out more at

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and can be carried out in person or over Skype or phone.

You are advised to record the consultation so that you can review it at your leisure. During the session Andrew will first run through your personality traits and then look at some past events.

The second part of the session concentrates on looking at the cycles coming up over the following year and also answering any questions that you may have.

His aim is to have you end the session feeling totally SELF EMPOWERED!

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“Andy rightly read an unexpected job opportunity for me unlike any other I’ve ever had. He predicted the date, and he even knew if would not be quite the perfect job but would lead to something better. His ability to read the stars is unparalleled.”

“I’m feeling game for all the opportunities thanks to our conversation yesterday! Thank you! I am taking immediate action per your suggestion!! I absolutely loved our session. Thank you so very much. It makes me have confidence in my manifestation abilities once again.” Client, Texas, USA

“Andrew sets a new standard for an astrological reading with his accuracy, enthusiasm and optimism. He not only see upcoming opportunities, but he then instructs one as to how to manifest them. He looks at the role of the geography or connecting with people from various locations to enhance one’s well-being. He helps one one understand one’s personality from the position of the stars so that’s why I love chocolate! Andy offers star born encouragement in manifesting the life of one’s dreams.” SEB, USA

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“Thank you for your time and for the email with the recording. Very thorough and informative. I listened to it again….but it certainly wasn’t as good as talk to you directly. I really enjoyed that! Looking forward to the next one.” Dentist, West London

“Yes, you are exactly right about the X early morning time. You do an incredible job reading charts because you could not have described the moment better.” WS San Diego, California.